Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cinta. . and Sayang. .apa beza nya? ?
pernah tak sayang someone that bad ?
and they just when missing. .but you end up waiting em' eventhough you know it very well they will never gonna show up? ?mcm nak lupakan. .
tapi rasa bersalah dengan perasaan hati. .
rasa mcm menipu diri sendiri kan? haha. .
pernah dengar lagu "Ku ukir Indah nama mu? ?"
I've been listening to this song for the whole holiday. .
(lagipun bukan ada benda mo bt pon. .)
aku pernah nasihat kan kat kawan aku cmni. .  if one door closed for you. . another will open. . do not keep on stare the closed door. .
love will not find us until we truly looked for it. . coz one of the door out there are holding on to you till youcome to them . .then aku terfikir, .
what if. . I dont want to give up?
what if I stay holding on. .haha. .how stupid it sounds. .
but that is how love is. .
makes us wait. . for those who dont actually want you. .
who wanted you to give up. .entah lar. .
pening taw pikir. .that is why i love that song. .
biar apa pun jadi ku ukir indah nama mu, ,
aku sayang kamu. .
haha. . .

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