Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hye~. .
its been a long time since I post anything isn't it ?well. . .
since I been back to my hometown. .
I don't have the chance to online. .
but. .
its an awesome holiday though. .
coz I met with my ex-classmate. .
and my friends. .
and I miss how things work out around here. . .
6 months is a long time don't cha think?
tapi. .
selepas dua hari kat kampung. .
have to go to Labuan. .
my nephew is coming!
Dani Iman Bin Safree. . 
 (he is so cute. . so like me. . .:P. )
. .
my brother juga baru menyambut seorang lagi askar. . . .Iryan Iskandar. . .haha. .
thats is my family. .kinda big. . .

oya. .
sepanjang cuti lepas. .
memandangkan aku da bosan dengan lagu2 yang wujud dalam laptop nie. .
aku pon pusing2 lar youtube. .
then jumpa this girl. . syeera Sanders. .
she made her own songs and I kinda fell in love with her songs. . .
dunno why. .despite her cute face. .she have a good voice. .
well. . enough with compliement. .
ku berundur is one of my fav. .
haha. . .well. .
that is all for now. .
happy new years guys!

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